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Ductless systems
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Mini Splits, Multi Splits, and Ductless AC Units

Ductless Mini Splits: The Flexible AC Solution

The most common HVAC systems are central air conditioners and heat pumps that push air through a system of ductwork throughout the home. Ductless mini split AC systems do not use ductwork. Mini split have a small outdoor unit with one or more units inside that provide centralized cooling and heat to a designated area.

One of the key features of a ductless mini split AC system is that they are very versatile. Mini splits are great for retrofitting an existing structure, warehouse offices, and serving as a second unit for multi-story homes.

Types of Ductless Mini Splits

Wall Mounted Mini Split AC System: Wall-mounted units are the most common ductless AC system and the most affordable option for indoor mini split systems. This type of mini split AC system mounts on the wall at the point where refrigerant lines, drain tube and electrical wiring enter from the exterior wall. Wall-mounted ductless systems are energy-efficient, compact, and provide multiple features that meet most homeowner’s needs.

Ceiling Cassette Mini Split AC System: Ceiling cassette ductless AC units are discrete units that keeps the bulk of the system hidden above the ceiling. The only visible component is the vent grill in the ceiling. This type of ductless AC system is great for larger rooms where you may have hot or cold spots to even out the temperature. A key feature of cassette mini split AC systems is the ability to direct vents to customize the airflow.

Concealed Duct Mini Split AC System: Concealed mini split air conditioners provide an option for the system to be hidden with the exception of the ceiling grill. This type of mini split use concealed ductwork to circulate air throughout the area from an air handler in the attic area. These systems are a popular option for warehouse or industrial office spaces where an area is heated or cooled separately from the working areas. Concealed mini split AC systems are more energy-efficient in these scenarios because they require less ductwork.

Multi Split AC System: A multi split air conditioning system is a mini split ductless AC system with more than one indoor unit. Multi split ductless AC systems provide the option of zoning. Each indoor system is controlled by a separate thermostat allowing to create different zones of heating or cooling.

Why Choose a Ductless AC System?

Aside from the versatility of installation of ductless mini split AC systems, ductless air conditioning systems have three other benefits that are worth mentioning.

1. Ductless AC systems are Affordable: Ductless systems are smaller than traditional HVAC systems. This makes them less expensive. The temperature-controlled air of a ductless system is delivered directly into a room instead of throughout an entire building. This means that you do not heat or cool rooms that are not occupied. Translation: less needed power, less money spent.

2. Ductless AC Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality: Indoor air quality can be up to eight times more polluted than outdoor air. The ductwork of a traditional AC system harbor bacteria and other pollutants. Traditional systems circulate air throughout the contaminated ductwork and ultimately into the living space of the home or business. Ductless systems provide multi-stage filtration that greatly reduces contaminated air and improves indoor air quality.

3. Ductless AC Systems are Easy to Install: Traditional HVAC systems can have lengthy installation times and can be disruptive to the home or office. Installation time for a ductless mini split AC system can be as short as one day, depending on the magnitude of the installation.

Why Choose Airsimplicity for Ductless Mini Splits Installation?

Here at Airsimplicity, we take pride in our reputation in Southeast Texas and our excellent customer reviews spotlight the quality service you can expect. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations at every stage of your Ductless Mini Splits Installation. Our NATE-certified technicians have experience with all brands of air conditioning system makes and models and use the latest equipment to ensure you are offered the best service every time.