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Indoor Air Quality

how is the air quality in your home

Indoor Air Quality: The Effects of Poor IAQ

Compromised indoor air quality can affect your health by irritating allergies, asthma, or chronic respiratory issues. The elderly, young children, and anyone who is immunocompromised can be severely affected.

Modern homes are built to be energy efficient with tightly sealed doors/windows and highly insulated walls and ceilings. This construction leads to a lack of circulating clean air resulting in indoor air pollution. The EPA suggestions that IAQ can be 5 to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Prolonged exposure to poor IAQ can lead to poor attention span and productivity in commercial settings. OSHA estimates that poor IAQ cost employers close to twenty billion dollars annually due to employee time off and inefficient working conditions. 

Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Exposure to lesser amounts of pollutants for a short period of time is not a threat to your health. However, after long-term exposure you and your family can begin to see the effects of compromised indoor air quality. The main symptoms of poor IAQ are like seasonal allergies:

A sign that you need to address your IAQ is when you notice the symptoms disappear when you are outside of your home and resurface when you return home.

Indoor Air Quality: The Importance of Having a IAQ Solution

Most homeowners pay close attention to the heating and cooling of their home. Most never think much about IAQ. Homeowners focus on preventing the heating or cool air from escaping the home which many times prevents proper air circulation and ventilation.

As a country, we are spending more and more time indoors while adding additional appliances, electronic devices, computers all of which generate additional heat and accelerates the emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as ammonia, radon, toluene, and formaldehyde. Viruses, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold and mildew are also circulating within our homes with no new air being introduced in most cases.

Airsimplicity can evaluate your home or business’ IAQ and provide a solution to improve your air quality. This process follows three easy steps:

Installation: Our team of IAQ technicians use the most technologically advanced equipment to provide comfort and help your family breath better air.

Service: Scheduling your routine HVAC maintenance is a critical step in providing the best indoor air quality. Regularly scheduled maintenance checklists often include items like changing HVAC filters and duct cleaning which can drastically improve your IAQ.

Repair: Keeping equipment in proper working order means keeping all components working properly. Even the most minor problem can lead to significant repair costs if neglected. Our team of IAQ technicians are skilled in working with all brands, makes, and models of IAQ equipment.

Indoor Air Quality Appliances

Airsimplicity is a leading provider of IAQ solutions on the Texas Gulf Coast. Providing over three decades of IAQ product installation, maintenance, and repair to clients with unmatched customer service. We have installed the following indoor air quality products for our clients, and we would love to provide a free IAQ assessment.

Schedule Your Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Your home is a safe haven for the ones that matter to you the most. Our team of indoor air quality professionals can test your current IAQ to assess the needed products and services required. Airsimplicity can then design a solution that provides healthy and clean air. Call us today at 281-353-4100, or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.