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Ultimate Service ClubNobody can enjoys coming home to a hot or cold house, and unexpected HVAC expenses never come at a good time. That is why Airsimplicity has
developed the Ultimate Service Club!

The Airsimplicity Ultimate Service Club

We provide you with two Precision Tune-Ups and Safety Inspections per year included with our benefits, described below, to give you the reliability, workmanship, and satisfaction of a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

  • Benefits:
    • Extended Equipment Life
    • Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Capacity
    • Priority Customer Status (Skip the line if your AC needs service)
    • 15% Discount on Repair Service
    • 1 Year Labor Warranty on all Replacement Parts & Equipment
    • Never an after-hours or overtime charge!
  • Our Procedures Include:
    • Indoor Unit
      • Clean or replace standard air filters, if provided by customer
      • Inspect cooling coil and drain pan
      • Inspect primary and secondary condensate drain lines
      • Inspect blower assembly, includes housing, wheel and motor
      • Monitor amperage draw on motors
      • Inspect electrical for any loose connections
      • Inspect for gas leak on gas furnaces
      • Inspect all heating elements and safety controls to ensure proper functions
      • Ensure proper airflow and temperatures
    • Outdoor Unit

      • Inspect refrigerant levels for proper function
      • Inspect coil and cabinet
      • Inspect fan motor and blades for any damage or wear
      • Examine control box for any loose connections and check all parts to ensure proper functions
      • Monitor compressor and inspect for any damages
    • Check to make sure complete system is within manufactures specifications
    • Provide system diagnosis and provide quote for any system repairs or replacements as necessary

Our HVAC team’s service helps keep your AC system working as designed. Many AC equipment manufactures do require maintenance in order to maintain their equipment warranty! HVAC maintenance can help catch mechanical issues before they become BIG issues, which often prevents not only expensive repairs, it keeps you and your family comfortable with a reliable HVAC system.

Call us today at 713-874-9981 or fill out the information below to join the Ultimate Service Club, and get the peace of mind and savings you and your family deserve.